Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to organize the 3rd National 2nd International Midwifery Congress to reduce the rates of the Cesarean section and upgrade of the women’s health indicators at a time of the agenda within the scope of the scientific activities of our association.

As always, we enriched the topics with the help of the courses and the current approaches in line with scientific content of the congress created by expert speakers.

We look forward to see all our midwifery students, physicians and nurses and our all colleagues in our congress which they working with great dedication and sacrifice all over the country, and also their great support in all areas including training, especially our valuable academics will shape the future of the professions of them.

I believe that all health care workers will show their intense interest to the congress that will say something about midwifery.

There is a woman in every area of the midwives, fertility and women's health plays a key role in solving our problems that will never forgotten Wishes,

See you one of the most Region of our country's finest resorts in Antalya.

Best Regards,

Assist Prof. Dr. Nazan KARAHAN
Chairman of the Association of Midwives
President of the Congress